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How to do APA citations


Tuesday, June 3rd:
  • Austin Fisher teaches us about the menstrual cycle
  • Wrap up reproductive unit
  • Quiz on reproductive unit

Wednesday, June 4th:
  • Partay! Good-bye and good luck, seniors! Thanks for being an awesome AP Bio class!

Tuesday, April 29th:
  • Chapter 24: Origin of Species online investigation (mastering biology website)
  • Also, we started looking for peer-reviewed journal articles on a biological topic of your choice! You need your L# and login to access the journal articles through LCC. Click on this link to the LCC library search for journal articles...MAKE SURE TO SELECT "peer-reviewed" by clicking in the box under the search space!

Wednesday, April 30th:

  • review for test - chapters 20,22,23,24

Thursday, May 1st:

  • review for test

Friday, May 2nd:

  • test! celebrate your learning!

Tuesday, April 22nd:

  • Kip comes to register you guys for spring term!
  • Day #1: Glowing Bacteria lab!

Tuesday, April 15:

  • chapter 22 online assignment

Wednesday, April 16:

  • chapter 23 notes: day I
  • Homework: read 23.1 and do concept check questions 1-3 for that section!

You spring break assignment (handed out in class and linked below under Friday, March 21st) is due the Tuesday we return from Spring break! It is a paper assignment that accompanies online activities. Also please do chapter 19 practice test. Have a great spring break!

Tuesday, April 1st:

  • Go over spring break assignment
  • Wasps were not ready

Wednesday, April 2nd:

  • Start Gattaca

Thursday, April 3rd:

  • Gattaca

Tuesday, March 18th:

  • Go over chapter 19 guided outline homework (if there are questions) and turn in
  • Work on chapter 18 online assignment
  • Chapter 19 online activities

Wednesday, March 19th:

  • Lorenzo's oil

Thursday, March 20th:

  • Lorenzo's oil

Friday, March 21st:

Tuesday, March 11th:

  • Chapters 14-17 test, online (you will have a substitute)
  • worksheets - genetics/chi square analysis/chapter 18

Wednesday, March 12th (early release):

  • Chapter 18 notes

Thursday, March 13th:

  • Chapter 18 continued

Friday, March 14th:

  • Chapter 18
  • Homework: Chapter 19 Viruses homework (guided outline)

Monday, March 3rd: Impact Festival, only AE and advisory classes today

Tuesday, March 4th:

  • test practice, chapter 17 online assignment
  • go over homework

Wednesday, March 5th:

  • test practice
  • lab?

Thursday, March 6th:

  • lab?
  • test practice

Friday, March 7th:

  • exam chapters 13-17

Monday, February 24th:

  • No class, block schedule

Tuesday, February 25th:

  • Chapter 17
  • Rock pocket mouse populations packet

Wednesday, February 26th:

  • Chapter 17
  • Finish rock pocket mouse populations packet

Thursday, February 27th:

  • Chapter 17 Investigation (study area)
  • Chapter 17 online assignment
  • Hand out review for 13-17 test

Tuesday, February 17:

  • (Nasonia have become adults? If yes - begin lab)
  • If no - work on chapter 15 online assignment

Wednesday, February 18th:

  • Nasonia lab
  • chapter 16

Thursday, February 19th:

  • Nasonia lab tba
  • chapter 16 online assignment

Friday, February 20th:

  • Nasonia lab tba
  • chapter 16 online assignment

Tuesday, February 11:

  • Chapter 15 notes
  • prepare pupa for Nasonia lab

Wednesday, February 12:

  • Early release
  • Chapter 15 notes

Thursday, February 13:

  • Finish chapter 15
  • Complete questions in note packet as homework

Friday, February 14:

  • Chapter 15 online assignment

Tuesday, February 4th:

  • Chapter 15 NOTES!
  • Chapter 14 online assignment!
  • Go over homework (pedigree analysis)

Wednesday, February 5th:

  • Chapter 14 online assignment!
  • Chapter 15 online assignment!
  • TBA: flightless wasp genetics lab?

Thursday, February 6th:

  • lab? or chapter 15

Friday, February 7th:

  • lab? or start chapter 16

Tuesday, January 13th:

Wednesday, January 14th:

  • Cell-cell communication

Thursday, January 15th:

  • Cell cycle

Friday, January 16th:

  • cell cycle

Tuesday, January 7th:

  • Review Photosynthesis (chapter 10)
  • work on online assignment

Wednesday, January 8th:

  • POGIL photosynthesis packet
  • work on online assignment

Thursday and Friday, January 9th and 10th:

  • same as above
  • Read chapter 11 and do problems 1-12 pages 226 and 227

Monday, December 16th:

  • No class, block schedule

Tuesday, December 17th:

  • cellular respiration lab!

Wednesday, December 18th:

  • cellular respiration lab data analysis

Thursday, December 19th:

  • go over/turn in POGIL packet

Friday, December 20th:

  • quizzy poo on POGIL packet + lab cleanup!!!
  • Homework: TBA online (a short review assignment)

Monday, November 18th:

  • No class, block schedule

Tuesday, November 19th:

  • Finish HHMI Lecture: Fossils, Genes, and Mousetraps
  • Go over first part of homework packet

Wednesday, November 20th (early release):

  • Complete Diffusion and Osmosis Lab write-up

Thursday, November 21st:

  • Turn in diffusion and osmosis lab write-up and notes chapter 9

Friday, November 22nd:

  • Chapter 9 stuff

Monday, November 11th:

  • No school, Veteran's Day: thank a vet!

Tuesday, November 12th: Pep assembly

  • Set up activity #3 for Diffusion/Osmosis Lab and go over HW (Membrane Structure and Function)

Wednesday, November 13th:

  • Complete activity #3, finish notes chapter 7
  • Start activity #4 for Diffusion/Osmosis lab?
  • Quiz on membrane structure and function

Thursday, November 14th:

  • Activity #4, wrap up chapter 7 stuff

Friday, November 15th:

  • Complete and turn in Diffusion/osmosis lab!

Monday, November 4th:

  • No class, block schedule (can be working on online assignment)

Tuesday, November 5th:

  • Day #2: Diffusion/osmosis lab

Wednesday, November 6th:

  • Career Fair, work on online assignment

Thursday, November 7th:

  • Finish membrane structure and function POGILs/finish online assignment
  • Homework: tba

Friday, November 8th:
  • No school
Monday, October 28th:

  • No class, block schedule

Tuesday, October 29th:

  • Chapter 7 notes, continued
  • Chapter 7 labbench: diffusion and osmosis

Wednesday, October 30th:

  • Day 1: Diffusion and Osmosis Lab

Thursday, October 31st:

  • Happy Halloween!
  • Day 2: Diffusion and Osmosis Lab

Friday, November 1st:

  • No school for students, teacher grading day! End of First quarter!

Monday, October 21st:

  • No Class, block schedule

Tuesday, October 22nd:

  • Library: lab write up (Enzyme Lab)

Wednesday, October 23rd:

  • begin chapter 7 officially!

Thursday, October 24th:
  • chapter 7, continued

Friday, October 25th:
  • chapter 7, continued

Monday, October 13th:
  • No class, block schedule

Tuesday, October 14th:

  • Exam #1: chapter 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8

Wednesday, October 15th:

  • No class - ASVAB testing

Thursday, October 16th:

  • chapter 7, continued

Friday, October 17th:

  • chapter 7, continued

Monday, October 7th:

  • No class, block schedule
  • read over Enzyme pre-lab

Tuesday, October 8th:
  • Activity 1 parts A and B
  • Go over Free Energy packet

Wednesday, October 9th (Early release):
  • Go over Free energy packet/go to library to work on review assignment on website

Thursday, October 10th:
  • Activity enzyme lab: titration!

Friday, October 11th:
  • No school - statewide inservice

Monday, September 30th:
  • No class, block scheduling
  • Homework: chapter 8 practice test by Monday at midnight and Protein POGIL

Tuesday, October 1st:

  • Notes: proteins
  • Go over protein POGIL as class, please have it completed by today!
  • Get to #23 in Free Energy packet

Wednesday, October 2nd:
  • Warm-up questions about proteins!
  • Notes: chapter 8
  • Work on Free Energy POGIL!
  • Mrs Tubman owes you a review packet!

Thursday, October 3rd:
  • Notes/practice chapter 8!
  • Finish Free Energy POGIL
  • Work on review questions/packet

Friday, October 4th:
  • Warm-up questions for review!
  • Review for test!
  • Review assignment DUE ON THURSDAY
  • Lab packet DUE TUESDAY

Wednesday, October 2nd:
  • phospholipids

Thursday, October 3rd:
  • Free energy

Friday, October 4th:
  • Free energy

Thursday, September 26th:
  • 5.2: Proteins (first half of class)
  • work on Protein POGIL - go to second stop-sign

Wednesday, September 25th (early release):

  • Go over Biochem basics POGIL/turn in
  • Start Protein POGIL!

Tuesday, September 24th:

  • POGIL: Biochemistry Basics!
  • If you did not finish in class, please complete as HW (Due Wed)

Wednesday, September 25th:

  • POGIL: Protein Structure!
  • Some notes on proteins

Thursday, September 26th:
  • POGIL: free energy

Friday, September 27th:
  • POGIL: Free energy/ATP! Review sheet for test?

Friday, September 20th:
  • Go over AP practice test questions
  • take chapter 4 quiz

Thursday, September 19th:

  • Go over practice AP test questions
  • Work on computers/summer assignments if applicable
  • Go over part of chapter 5

Wednesday, September 18th:

  • Library computers - do Activities online for chapter 4 to reinforce learning
  • You can work on Chapter 5 practice test or AP practice test questions
  • Homework: Chapter 4 Practice AP test questions, finish all

Tuesday, September 17th:

  • Chapter 4 lecture + chapter 4 practice AP test questions
  • Guided lecture notes
  • HW - get to #20 for AP practice test questions!

Friday, September 13th:

  • Quiz: chapters 2,3
  • That's about all we got to!
  • Turn in homework 4.1 and 4.2 concept check questions
  • HW: Read/study/spend time with chapter 5!! Read rest of chapter 4 (4.3). Do practice test for chapter 4 (due by midnight on Sunday) - email me with questions!!

Thursday, September 12th

  • Go over chapter 3 problem set
  • Calculating pH POGIL
  • Homework - read chapter 4.1 and 4.2 do all concept check questions

Wednesday, September 11 (early release)

  • Finish chapter 3 lecture
  • Work on Ch.3 problem set
  • Homework - finish problem set

Tuesday, September 10th (no class on Mondays - block schedule)

  • Lecture notes: chapter 3
  • Activity - making molar solutions!
  • Chapter 3 Assignment
  • Chapter 3,4 online activities due Sunday

September 3rd (Tuesday):
  • Introductions and Syllabus
  • Classroom business (questions about summer assignments?)/teacher website/Mastering Biology website
  • Background reading support - chapter 2-5 & 8
  • Online homework: Investigations, all activities, and practice tests in study area for chapter 2-5 + 8 (2,3 + Practice Tests for 2,3 Due by Friday, 9/6; 3,4 + Practice tests for 3,4 Due by Friday 9/13 ; 5,8 + practice tests for 5,8 Due by Friday 9/20)
  • General chemistry review?

September 4th (Wednesday):
  • 5 minute warm-up
  • Classroom business
  • Acids & Bases POGIL (we started this, dnf yet)
  • Homework: see above

September 5th (Thursday):
  • Go to library and work on chapters 2, 3 assignments (online)

September 6th (Friday):
  • Go to the library and work on chapters 2, 3 assignments (online) - don't forget these are due by Sunday! :)