Welcome to Biology A!

OOPS! I haven't updated for a while!

Monday, March 13th!
  • Go over class data for yeast respiration and resources labs from last week
  • Design your own yeast experiment!
  • Go over chapter 9 packet!

Tuesday, March 14th:
  • Design your own Yeast experiment!
  • Go over chapter 9 more
  • Cell respiration activity: BTB (? today or Thursday)

Wednesday, March 15th:
  • Observations, data collection for yeast experiment
  • Write up of population growth activities

Thursday, March 16th:
  • Observations, data collection for yeast experiment
  • Write up of population growth activities

Friday, March 17th:
  • Quizzy Poo Chapter 9!

WEEK 10:

Monday, Feb 20th:
  • No school, President's Day

Tuesday, Feb 21st:
  • Homework check (chapter 3)
  • Finish Niche Partitioning
  • Start chapter 5-1 (homework is the rest of the packet)
  • Start project!

Wednesday, Feb 22-Friday Feb 24:
  • work on project
  • chapter 5, continued!


Monday, Feb 13th:
  • Finish Gorongosa Timeline

Tuesday, Feb 14th:
  • Video
  • Notes/worksheet on video

Wednesday, Feb 15th:
  • surveying lions in Gorongosa

Thursday, Feb 16th:
  • finish and turn in Gorongosa Timeline
  • finish and turn in surveying lions
  • use link to create new assignment for WebCam Lab!

Friday, Feb 17th:

Week 8:

Monday, Feb 6th:
  • Start Ecology Unit
  • Watch "The Guide"
  • Biological Classification POGIL (start)

Tuesday, Feb 7th:
  • Gorongosa National Park Day #1

Wednesday, Feb 8th:
  • Gorongosa National Park Day #2

Thursday, Feb 9th:
  • Day #3

Friday, Feb 10th:
  • Test! Chapter 7


Monday, January 30th:
  • Membrane transport
  • Membrane structure and function
  • Demo results!
  • If you are feeling a bit lost, check out Bozeman Science --> Biology --> Cell transport!
  • Also, Crash Course Biology! Check this video out!

Tuesday, January 31st:
  • Lab day #1: Diffusion through Membranes!!!

Wednesday, February 1st:
  • Lab day #1: Diffusion through Membranes!!!

Thursday, Feb 2nd:
  • Lab day #2 Diffusion through Membranes!!!

Friday, Feb 3rd:
  • Half-day grading day!
  • Quiz (? - if we get done with the lab)!
  • Finish Lab!


Monday, January 23:

Tuesday, January 24:

Wednesday, January 25:

Thursday, January 26:

Friday, January 27:
  • Split class lab


Monday, January 16th:
  • MLK Jr Day!

Tuesday, January 17th:
  • 2.4 notes
  • Finish graph and conclusion guidelines for buffer lab - finish as homework
  • Tie up any loose ends from last week

Wednesday, January 18th:
  • Split class lab: Enzymes
  • review assignment (chapter 2 assessment)

Thursday, January 19th:
  • Split class lab: enzymes
  • review assignment (chapter 2 assessment)

Friday, January 20th:
  • Test: covers chapter 2


Monday, January 9th:

Tuesday, January 10th:
  • Split class lab - Buffers!
  • People who did lab Friday do Macromolecules packet

Wednesday, January 11th:
  • Go over lab and how to write the conclusion, turn lab in
  • QUIZZY POO - chapter 2: Macromolecules
  • Homework - Finish 2.3 packet (use book)

Thursday, January 12th:
  • Write conclusion to Buffer lab and turn in!
  • HHMI Virus Explorer!

Thursday, January 12th:
  • HHMI Virus Explorer!
  • Homework/classwork: 2.4 packet


Monday, January 2nd:
  • Observance of New Year's Day - no school

Tuesday, January 3rd:
  • Professional Development meetings - no school for students

Wednesday, January 4th:
  • First day back to school! Happy New Year!
  • Review macromolecules, notes on buffers and enzymes

Thursday, January 5th:
  • Split class lab: pH and buffers
  • POGIL: macromolecules

Friday, January 6th:
  • Split class lab: pH and buffers
  • POGIL - macromolecules
  • If you were not here on Friday OR if you did the POGIL today, you will do the lab on Monday! If you did the lab today, you will do the POGIL on Monday!


Monday, December 12th:
  • Finish 2.1 notes
  • Demos: water
  • 2.2: water!
  • Start chemistry of carbohydrates activity

Tuesday, December 13th:

Wednesday, December 14th:
  • Go over 2-2 answers (see attachment above for those answers)
  • we did not go over buffers because we will do the buffer lab and discuss then
  • Carbon compounds notes (chapter 2, section 3)

Thursday, December 15th:
  • no school, ice day!
  • We were going to do a buffers lab today...not sure yet if we will do this tomorrow

Friday, December 16th:
  • QUIZ - chapter 2: macromolecules, carbon, water!


Monday, December 5th:
  • Professional development, no school for students

Tuesday, December 6th:

Wednesday, December 7th:

Thursday, December 8th: ICE DAY

Friday, December 9th: