CHEMYSTERY! Final projects due Wednesday the 18th...

Monday, June 2nd:
  • Finish up acids and bases! Please make sure your chapter 19 packet was turned in so I can check off that you did it!
  • Start hydrocarbons and FUNctional groups! Please welcome your classmate, Kevin Huh, who studied the details of hydrocarbon chemistry in AP Biology, as your guest lecturer!

Wednesday, June 4th (senior last day, early release):
  • continue chapter 22

Thursday, June 5th:
  • continue hydrocarbon chemistry and functional groups

Friday, June 6th (graduation):
  • quiz on what we've covered this week

Monday, May 12:

Tuesday, May 13:
  • No class, block schedule

Wednesday, May 14th:
  • Chapter 18 notes

Thursday, May 15th:
  • Chapter 18, continued

Friday, May 16th:
  • Chapter 18, continued

Monday, April 28th:
  • Lab

Tuesday, April 29th:
  • no class

Wednesday, April 30th:
  • Bond enthalpy

Thursday, May 1st:
  • bond enthalpy

Friday, May 2nd:
  • Lab: Energy in combustion of candle

Monday, April 21st:
  • OAKS testing
Wednesday, April 23rd:
  • Finish up OAKS testing
  • Go over chapter 17 packet
  • Notes: specific heat
Thursday, April 24th:
  • Calorimetry Lab
Friday, Aprilk 25th:
  • Calorimetry lab, continued
Monday, April 14th:
  • Watch: Nova's Hunting Elements (Substitute teacher)
  • you were given a chapter 17 packet today. It is due on Friday. There are penalties for not turning it in on time.
  • There will be a quiz on this important documentary on Wednesday. Please be prepared.

Wednesday, April 16th:
  • Finish watching documentary
  • Reminder: Homework is chapter 17 packet. Chemistry rewards patience! Do a little bit every day instead of all of it on Thursday night.

Monday, March 31st:
  • Turn in take home test (gas laws)
  • Gas laws warm up and quiz!

Wednesday, April 2nd:
  • Begin chapter 16 (we will only do parts of chapter 16, in particular, molarity, molality, % (v/v), % m/v)
  • Notes molarity and solutions
  • Work problems
  • Homework: problem #5 on sheet

Thursday, April 3rd:
  • Chapter 16, continued
  • More notes on chapter 16
  • Homework: TBA

Monday, March 17th:
  • Activity relating to simulation above!

Wednesday, March 19th:
  • Finish and turn in simulation lab activity packet
  • Work on chapter 14 packet

Thursday, March 20th:
  • Gas laws, continued

Friday, March 21st:
  • Chapter 14 packet due
  • Quiz, Chapter 14

Monday, March 10th:
  • Finish test (part II)
  • START GAS LAWS: chapter 14
  • Homework: Gas variables packet (start today)

Wednesday, March 12th:
  • Gas theory and laws!

Thursday, March 13th:
  • Notes: Pressure
  • go over Intro to Pressure concepts packet
  • Give Chapter 14 review packet
  • Homework: do density of gases page!

Friday, March 14th:
  • Go over homework
  • More notes/practice with gas laws

Monday, February 24th:

Wednesday, February 26th:

Thursday, February 27th:
  • EXAM NEXT THURSDAY COVERS material in chapters 10-12

Friday, February 28th:
  • Reaction practice, test practice

Monday, February 10th:
  • S'mores lab
  • Homework: finish Mole Ratios packet

Wednesday, February 12th:
  • S'mores lab data
  • turn in Types of Reactions and Mole Ratios packet

Thursday, February 13th:
  • lab day 1: reaction lab
  • homework: read chapter 11-1, 11-2 and do 1-27

Friday, February 14th:
  • lab day 2: reaction lab

Monday, February 3rd:
  • Lab clean-up and mole hydrate ratio lab (epsom salts)

Wednesday, February 5th:
  • Stoichiometry
  • Limiting reagent
  • theoretical yield

Thursday, February 6th:
  • practice!
  • reaction types!

Friday, February 7th:
  • practice!
  • reaction types!

Monday, January 13th:
  • Mole calculations LAB!
  • Homework: read 291-296, do problems 5-15 (due Wednesday)

Tuesday, January 14th: no class, block schedule...but come to Chemistry Homework Club at lunch!

Wednesday, January 15th:
  • go over homework
  • class time to complete lab calculations
  • HW: read section 10-2 (pages 297-303) and do problems 16-31

Thursday, January 16th:
  • go over homework
  • class time to work on silver nitrate and copper lab report calculations
  • homework: read section 10-3 (pages 305-312) and do problems 32-46

Friday, January 17th:
  • go over homework
  • class time to work on lab report
  • mini quiz warm-up
  • homework: Silver nitrate + Copper lab calculations and lab write up!

Monday, January 6th:
  • Warm-up: naming compounds
  • Notes!
  • Practice - moles, FW, MW, calculating percent composition
  • HOMEWORK: READ Pages 287-289, do 1 and 2 page 289 AND READ pages 290 - 291, do problems 3 and 4 on page 291 (DUE WEDNESDAY)
  • Don't forget about Chemistry Homework Club! You can always come in any time during lunch for help, but especially on Tuesdays and Fridays! I should see people in here!

Tuesday, January 7th - no class (block schedule)

Wednesday, January 8th:
  • more practice/notes - moles! and stoichiometry
  • please get to #7a in the homework! Due tomorrow!

Thursday, January 9th:
  • same

Friday, January 10th:
  • same

Monday, December 16th:
  • go over naming packet
  • start lab: Copper and Silver Nitrate

Tuesday, December 17th:
  • no class (block scheduling)

Wednesday, December 18th:
  • day II: Copper and Silver Nitrate
  • continue naming compounds

Thursday, December 19th:
  • go over naming molecular compounds and acids

Friday, December 20th:
  • HOMEWORK FOR THE BREAK: REVIEW ASSIGNMENT (Read chapter 9 and do problems at end of chapter)
  • day III: copper and silver nitrate lab

Interactive Periodic Table
Welcome to Chemistry 2013-2014!

Monday, November 11th: No school, Veteran's Day - thank a vet!

Tuesday, November 12th:

  • test resolution day

Wednesday, November 13th:

  • project

Thursday, November 14th:

  • project

Friday, November 15th:

  • project

Monday, November 4th:

  • Give back exams/activity: ionic compound crystallization day 1/notes on chapter 7

Tuesday, November 5th:

  • no class, block schedule

Wednesday, November 6th (half day - parent conferences):

  • career fair

Thursday, November 7th (half day - parent conferences):

  • finish activity: crystallization
  • notes, continued (chapter 7)
  • hand out chapter 7 packet, due on Tuesday

Friday, November 8th:

  • No school, have a great weekend!

Monday, October 28th:

  • Exam

  • no class, block scheduling

  • continue, exam

  • exam, part II/start element research project
Tuesday, October 22nd:
  • no class, study chapters 5 and 6, do homework

Wednesday, October 23rd:

  • chapter 6 continued

Thursday, October 24th:

  • chapter 6 continued

Friday, October 25th:

Monday, October 14th (BLOCK SCHEDULE):

  • Pick up exam review sheet!
  • Electron Energy and Light AND Electron configurations POGILS...due today - graded on completion so budget your time. Remember that a block period is TWO classes.
  • HW: make sure your whole chapter 5 packet is finished, I will check it off on Wednesday

Tuesday, October 15th:

  • No class, block schedule
  • Make sure your whole chapter 5 packet is finished, I will check it off tomorrow

Wednesday, October 16th:

  • Go over isotopes packet
  • Check off/go over chapter 5 packet
  • Go over electron configurations POGIL

Thursday, October 17th:

  • Go over isotopes packet
  • Check off/go over chapter 5 packet
  • Go over electron configurations/electrons and light POGIL

Friday, October 18th:

  • Review for test
  • Study hall - chapter 6 packet and review packet - use this time to get help from me for your test!

Monday, October 7th:**

  • Lab: Magnesium Oxide/law of definite proportions

Tuesday, October 8th:
  • No class, block schedule

Wednesday, October 9th:

  • some groups finish up their lab
  • some groups start writing lab papers in computer lab!

Thursday, October 10th:

Friday, October 11th:
  • No school - statewide inservice day

Monday, September 30th:
  • Finish chapter 3 quiz, first 15 minutes of class, turn in
  • Class goes over ORGANIZING DATA POGIL
  • Start Classification of Matter POGIL
  • Homework: Chapter 4 packet, Section 4.1 (pages 101-103) AND Chapter 4 packet, Section 4.2 (pages 104-108)

Wednesday, October 2nd:
  • Finish/go over Classification of Matter POGIL and turn in
  • NOTES - chapter 4 - Rutherford Experiment/phet simulation demonstration
  • Homework: Chapter 4 packet, Section 4.3 (pages 110-119)

Thursday, October 3rd:

  • Isotopes POGIL
  • Homework: Chapter 4 packet, Section 4.3 (pages 110-119) and guided practice problems

Friday, October 4th:

  • Finish Isotopes POGIL
  • QUIZ: Chapter 4, organizing data, classification of matter, isotopes

Friday, September 27th:
  • Review for quiz
  • Take Quiz, chapter 3
  • Homework - finish ORGANIZING DATA POGIL

Thursday, September 26th:
  • Elements 20-40 quiz
  • Review packet chapter 3!

Wednesday, September 25th:
  • Elements 1-20 quiz (OOPS see above)
  • Review packet chapter 3!

Monday, September 23rd:
  • Wrap up your chemistry lab data collection!
  • Finish your lab calculations and turn in lab!
  • Work on chapter 3 review packet with me or friends!

Friday, September 20th:
  • Wrap up lab data taking!
  • Homework - try to finish ONE page of Chapter 3 review packet per night! I see you guys on Monday, so you should have two pages completed, at least! :)

Thursday, September 19th:
  • practice dimensional analysis problems!

Wednesday, September 18th:
  • Density lab, continued!
  • Scientific measurement packet/density packet due tomorrow

Tuesday, September 17th:
  • No class, block schedule

Monday, September 16th (block schedule):
  • Turn in homework, and quiz...questions?
  • Density Lab!

Friday, September 13th:

  • Demonstration: burnin' money!
  • Chat about physical vs. chemical change
  • Organizing Data POGIL
  • Turn in homework!
  • New homework: Read 3.3 and do problems 28-37! Have a great weekend! Tell your parents to come to Open House 5-6:30pm!

Thursday, September 12th:

  • QUIZ! On elements 1-20
  • Warm up on sig figs
  • Begin Organizing Data POGIL
  • Homework: Read 3.2 and do problems 16-27 at the end of that chapter section, due tomorrow

Wednesday, September 11th (early release):

  • sig figs/ turn in homework (more sig figs practice)
  • Read 3.1 and do practice problems 1, 3, 5, 7

Tuesday, September 10th: (no class, block schedule)

Monday, September 9th:

  • Block schedule (periods 2, 4, 6)
  • Warm-up: Significant figures practice worksheet! (two will be due in class + the lab)
  • Go over last week's worksheet (handed back in class)
  • Significant Figures practice
  • Lab #1: Copper Chloride and Aluminum
  • Homework: Safety Contract (parent and student signature required) + Read section 3.1 (p63-72) and do practice problems 1, 3, 5, 7

First Day of School: 9/03/13
  • Classroom Business/Syllabus
  • Check out books
  • Go over teacher's website
  • Homework: Signature confirmation for syllabus

  • Turn in signature sheet and signed classroom procedures sheet
  • Lab Safety Demonstration and warm-up! Keep your warm-ups in a safe place, all together! I collect them every 2 weeks!
  • Lab Safety POGIL - go to first stop sign
  • Homework: Read pages 22-23 and do WS 1 - Hypothesis, Law, Theory

  • Warm-up! Turn in homework assignment!
  • Finish Lab Safety POGIL - any questions? There will be a POGIL quiz tomorrow on material
  • Homework: WS 2 Chemical and Physical Changes
  • Students got their periodic tables today. Keep them in a 3 ring binder - they are $1 to replace!