Welcome to Earth and Space Science, Winter 2017!

Week 4:
Monday, January 8th:
  • Started Solar System Project

Tuesday, January 9th:
  • Continue, finish Solar System Project

Wednesday, January 10th:
  • Nuclear reactions, start chapter 27: stars and the sun

Thursday, January 11th:
  • Nuclear reactions, stars continued, spectroscopy

Friday, January 12th:
  • Spectroscopy lab!

Week 1

Monday, December 4th: No School, PD for teachers
Tuesday, December 5th: First day of trimester 2!
Wednesday, December 6th:
Thursday, December 7th:
  • Go over AUs to km and km to AUs conversions
  • gravity review
  • 26.1 - read/record
Friday, December 8th: