Please remember to turn in your final drafts of your abstract! :) We are doing liquid nitrogen ice cream on Thursday! YAY!
Welcome to Physical Science!

Monday, May 28:

  • holiday - no school

Tuesday, May 29:

Wednesday, May 30:

  • COW - finish up telescopes
  • continue with chapter 26

Thursday, May 31:

Friday, June 1:

  • Rough draft due date changed to Monday
  • Guest teacher - work on rough draft

Monday, May 21:

  • continue with telescope activity (on-line)
  • notes chapter 26-1
  • homework: read 26-2, reading quiz on Tuesday

Tuesday, May 22:

  • continue with telescopes
  • notes 26-2
  • reading quiz 26-2

Wednesday, May 23:

Thursday, May 24:

Friday, May 25:

  • Movie - The Big Bang

Monday, May 14th:

  • project day

Tuesday, May 15th:

  • return quizzes
  • begin next unit: Stars and Galaxies
  • activity with computers - telescopes!
  • homework: read 26-1! There will be a reading quiz tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, May 16th:

  • so I hear that the cows are not available today :( we will continue with telescopes on Thursday!
  • notes/go over 26-1 (we didn't end up getting all the way through this chapter section)
  • reading quiz on 26-1
  • Announced in class: Eugene Astronomical Society's next Star Party (at college hill reservoir) is next Friday night!

Thursday, May 17th:

  • finish microscope lab

Friday, May 18th:

  • really bad lab...sorry kids, I will be making this one up to you!

Monday, May 7th:

Tuesday, May 8th:

Wednesday, May 9th:

  • worksheets - continue
  • individual help with teacher

Thursday, May 10th:

  • go over worksheets
  • take quiz

Friday, May 11th (half day):

  • turn in quiz
  • informal assessments of next unit
  • finish Newton movie

Monday, April 30th:

  • PHET lab - waves on a string simulation lab
  • Homework: Read section 10-2, answer 1-3 p. 297 and answer 1-3 p. 299

Tuesday, May 1st:

Wednesday, May 2nd:

Thursday, May 3rd:

Friday, May 4th:

  • Notes
  • Demo
  • Homework

Monday, April 23rd:
  • I'm out sick - there is a sub today

Tuesday, April 24th:
  • Make sure you turn in your cart lab with graph and analysis!
  • Go over bouncy ball lab
Wednesday, April 25th:
  • Finish up bouncy ball lab
  • notes on chapter 3, 4, 5
Thursday, April 26th:
  • review for test: chapters 3, 4, 5
Friday, April 17th:
  • TEST chapters 3, 4, 5
  • HOMEWORK: Finish "Nature of Waves" packet (chapter 10)

Thursday, April 19th:
  • guide period - ASB elections first 10 minutes of class
  • go over skate park warm-up (homework from the other night)
  • go over skate park lab worksheet
  • collect "Acceleration due to Varying Forces" lab and graph
  • Bouncy Ball GPE lab!

Wednesday, April 18th:
  • energy skate park basics lab:
  • Link to Phet: Phet at Colorado
  • Collect last night's homework - here is my example:
  • Tonight's homework (due tomorrow): I gave you graph paper, you will graph your data from the cart lab (Force- the hanging weight in Newton's against average acceleration for each trial). The acceleration should be on the x axis and the force is on the y. You should only have 6 data points because there were only 6 trials!

Tuesday, April 17th:

Monday, April 16th:

Monday, April 9:

Tuesday, April 10:
  • split class cart lab

Wednesday, April 11:
  • split class cart lab

Thursday, April 12:
  • quiz Newton's laws (1 and 2)

Friday, April 13:
  • no classes, midterm grading day for teachers

Tuesday, April 3:

  • split class lab
  • assignment (goes with Holt book in class):
  • homework: read chapter 3 section 2 - there will be a quiz on this reading tomorrow! You may use any notes you take at home on the quiz.

Wednesday, April 4:

  • same as Tuesday
  • switch groups (ie if you were in the lab yesterday, do bookwork today)!
  • read chapter 3 section 3 - there will be a quiz on this reading tomorrow! you may use any notes you take at home on the quiz!

Thursday, April 5:

  • chapter 3

Friday, April 6:

  • chapter 3 assignment

Monday, March 19th:

Tuesday, March 20th

Wednesday, March 21st


Thursday, March 22nd


Friday, March 23rd

  • demo of hot wheels lab (we will do this when we return from spring break)
  • notes on chapter 3-1

Monday, March 12th:

  • continue working on nuclear chemistry powerpoint presentations

Tuesday, March 13th:

  • continue working on nuclear chemistry powerpoint presentations
  • start presentations

Wednesday, March 14th:

  • presentations

Thursday, March 15th:

  • finish up presentations
  • start motion
  • [[file:notes 3:15.pdf]]

Friday, March 16th:

Monday, March 5th:

  • Finish up Radioactive Wolves
  • Continue nuclear project

Tuesday, March 6th:

  • Warm-up chit chat about radiation
  • Go to room 4 to start powerpoint presentation

Wednesday, March 7th:

  • Warm-up discussion about reading
  • Continue reading most recent packet

Thursday, March 8th:

  • Notes on most recent packet
  • Room 4 to continue working on presentations

Friday, March 9th:

  • Room 4!
  • Presentations will most likely be next week, possibly Wednesday and Thursday!

Monday, February 27th:
  • Go over homework
  • Science class forecasting
  • Start Nuclear Chemistry

Tuesday, February 28th:

  • Work in groups on Nuclear Exposure project

Wednesday, February 29th:

  • Work in groups on Nuclear Exposure project

Thursday, March 1st (YAY WE MADE IT TO MARCH!!!!!):

  • PBS Movie: Radioactive Wolves
  • go over homework assignment

Friday, March 2nd:

  • 1/2 day - finish up movie, give out homework assignment
  • went over 25.2 homework
  • homework due Monday - 25.3 and questions 1-6 page 800

Monday, February 21st:
  • President's Day, No School

Tuesday, February 22nd:

  • turn in double-replacement lab equations
  • turn in test corrections
  • notes: reaction conditions
  • demonstration catalyzed reaction - hydrogen peroxide decomposition

Wednesday, February 23rd:

Thursday, February 24th:

  • SUBSTITUTE, quiz moved to Friday

Friday, February 25th:

  • Quiz: chapter 23
  • Homework: read chapter 25 section 1 and answer problems 1-7 at the end of that chapter section

Monday, February 13th:

Tuesday, February 14th:

Wednesday, February 15th:
  • split class lab!

Thursday, February 16th:

Friday, February 17th:

Tuesday. February 7th:

Monday, February 6th:

Tuesday, February 7th:

Wednesday, February 8th:
  • pre-assessment for next unit

Thursday, February 9th:
  • review for test!

Friday, February 10th:

Monday, January 30th:

Tuesday, January 31st:

Wednesday, February 1st:
  • chemical reactions lab
  • chapter 22/23 - bonding and reactions

Thursday, February 2nd:
  • chemical reactions lab

Friday, February 3rd:

Monday, January 23rd:
  • Split class lab: Conservation of Mass
  • Group A - stay in class and do lab
  • Group B - book assignment due by the end of class (chapter 5 in the green book)

Tuesday, January 24th:
  • Same as Monday, groups switch places

Wednesday, January 25th:
  • Finals: lab or activity (NO FINAL) - Lab - Chemical Reactions I

Thursday, January 26th:
  • Finals - lab - Chemical Reactions I

Friday, January 27th:
  • grading day

  • MLK Jr Remembrance Day, no school

Tuesday, January 17th:

Wednesday, January 18th:

Thursday, January 19th:
  • Review for big quiz on chapter 19

Friday, January 20th:
  • Big quiz on chapter 19!

Week of January 9th:
Monday, January 9th:
  • Demo
  • Classwork on periodic table

Tuesday, January 10th:
  • Demo
  • Classwork on ions and formula writing

Wednesday, January 11th:
  • Classwork on ions and formula writing
  • Homework: Read first section in chapter 19.1 (pages 578-583) (you may take notes on the reading and use them during the test)

Thursday, January 12th (Assembly Schedule):

Friday, January 13th:

January 4th (Wednesday):

January 5th (Thursday):

January 6th (Friday):