Physical Science B

Welcome to Physical Science B!

WEEK #...I'm going to stop putting week #s...because we're technically four weeks from the end of the term which really puts us at week 8...
Monday, February 27th:
  • DUE: Geological History of Oxygen
  • Start: The Day the Mesozoic Died!

Tuesday, February 28th
  • The Day the Mesozoic Died, continued
  • Evidence activity

Wednesday, March 1st:
  • Evidence activity, cont'd

Thursday, March 2nd:
  • Evidence, cont'd

Friday, March 3rd:
  • Exam

WEEK 10:
Monday, Feb 20th:
  • No class, president's day

Tuesday, Feb 21st:
  • Go over homework (nutrient cycling)
  • quizzy poo on nutrient cycling and paleoclimate

Wednesday + Thursday, Feb 22 + 23:
  • We have computers to finish "Geologic History of oxygen" project!
  • Due at the end of class on Thursday

Friday, Feb 24:
  • I gave students one more day to work on "Geological History of Oxygen" project!
  • Those students who did not finish MUST finish on their own time and turn in ON MONDAY.


Monday, Feb 13th:
  • Start Earth Science!
  • Lecture: Changing Climate: Back to the Future
  • Click and Learn: Paleoclimate

Tuesday, Feb 14th:
  • Continue lecture
  • Continue Click and Learn Paleoclimate

Wednesday, Feb 15th:
  • Finish Click and Learn Paleoclimate
  • Start Click and Learn: Geologic history of oxygen

Thursday, Feb 16th:
  • Go over click and learn paleoclimate
  • work on geologic history of oxygen

Friday, Feb 17th:


Monday, February 6th:
  • Finish Energy Skate Park!
  • Homework - Reading assignment for Chapter 5-2 (out of book from Physical Science A)

Tuesday, February 7:
  • Bouncy Ball lab!

Wednesday, Feb 8th:
  • Finish and turn in Bouncy Ball Lab!

Thursday, Feb 9th:
  • Review for Test on Energy and Newton's Laws!

Friday, Feb 10th:
  • Test: Energy and Newton's Laws!


Monday, Jan 30th:
  • Go over review sheet for quizzy poo!
  • Take quizzy poo!

Tuesday, January 31st:
  • F=ma Newton's Second Law Lab!

Wednesday, Feb 1st:
  • Finish and turn in lab!
  • Check out this video!
  • Review of Mass and Weight!

Thursday, Feb 2nd:
  • Go over review of Mass and Weight!
  • Start Energy!
  • phet: Energy Skate Park!

Friday, Feb 3rd:
  • 1/2 day - midterm grade reports
  • tba


Monday, January 23rd:

Tuesday, January 24th:
  • Lab: Terminal Velocity

Wednesday, January 25th:
  • Lab: Terminal Velocity

Thursday, January 26th:

Friday, January 27th:


Monday, January 16th:
  • MLK Jr Day

Tuesday, January 17th:
  • Graph matching lab

Wednesday, January 18th:
  • Moving man - as a review for test

Thursday, January 19th:
  • Moving man - finish
  • Wrap up loose ends! Work time, review time!
  • Check grades and missing assignments!

Friday, January 20th:
  • Test! Chapter 4 motion (speed and acceleration)


Monday, January 9th:

Tuesday, January 10th:

Wednesday, January 11th:
  • More practice with speed, velocity, and acceleration
  • QUIZ: speed, velocity, (one question on acceleration)

Thursday, January 12th:
  • Acceleration practice!
  • DUE: Distance-time graph practice packet!
  • Three things will go into Synergy by Monday - Quizzy poo, distance-time graph practice packet, and speed lab!

Friday, January 13th:
  • Substitute teacher - book work chapter 4!


Monday, January 2nd:
  • Observance of New Year's Day - no school

Tuesday, January 3rd:
  • Professional Development for teachers - no school for students

Wednesday, January 4th:
  • First day back - Happy New Year!
  • Lab: Speed
  • HA HA HA...Nope, SNOW DAY!

Thursday, January 5th:
  • Lab: Speed
  • UMMMM...Another SNOW DAY!!

Friday, January 6th:
  • Start lab: SPEED!
  • Review Speed!
  • 2nd period had some technical difficulties so we will go back to the of the periods finished the lab Friday


Monday, December 12:

Tuesday, December 13th:
  • Problem-solving, cont'd

Wednesday, December 14th:

Thursday, December 15th:
  • no school, ice day!

Friday, December 16th:
  • Lab: Speed


Monday, December 5th:
  • Professional Development: no school for students

Tuesday, December 6th:
  • Introductions

  • Syllabus

Wednesday, December 7th:

Thursday, December 8th:
  • ICE DAY!

Friday, December 9th:
  • Observation, Question, and Hypothesis: an investigation