Welcome to Summer Bridge!

Week 3!
  • Finish up rockets

  • cheese-making!

  • rocket math (?) - depends on if I have access to room due to waxing!
  • begin Biology unit

  • tba

  • tba

Day 5 (week 2), July 11th:
  • Warm-up post-lab! Please email me if you want a copy of this!

Day 6, Tuesday, July 12th:
  • Newton's Laws
  • Begin building bottle rockets

Day 7, Wednesday, July 13th:
  • Water bottle rockets

Day 8, Thursday, July 14th:
  • rockets, cont'd

Day 9, Friday, July 15th:
  • rockets, cont'd

Day 1 Tuesday, July 5th:
  • Discussion of expectations -
  • Short get to know you writing -
  • Demonstration - how do fireworks work?
    • Briefly discussed difference between incandescence and luminescence
    • fireworks depend on luminescence - the excitation of individual atom's electrons
    • use different metals (Ca, Sr, Mg, Cu, Li, K) to make different colors that are unique to that element
    • as electrons are excited, they are unstable and move back to stable state and emit light
    • it is a physical property of an element and therefore predictable
    • demonstration - flame test of different metals to see what colors they gave off
    • some people recorded notes today (every day after this, you must be prepared to take notes)

Day 2 Wednesday, July 6th:

Day 3 Thursday, July 7th:
  • More chemistry - Day #1 of Lab #1!
  • If you need notes or a copy of the lab, please come see me or email me!

Day 4 Friday, July 8th:
  • Day #2 of Lab #1!
  • Today we washed our product and I will dry it over the weekend!
  • If you need notes or a copy of the lab, please come see me or email me!
  • Have a great weekend!